About Us

Barrie Gardner

Osteopath (Specialist in Sports Injuries)

GOSC Registered osteopath with over 32 years experience treating professional athletes, footballers, musicians and other sports men and women.

"Top Student Award” 1989, having qualified after 5 years of training with over 12,000 hours of clinical experience, working with the most well renowned osteopaths of the time.

Barrie was awarded the highest accolade from Professor Bowden - the head of the Royal College of Surgeons -

for his anatomy final paper.

Working with top football clubs, Barrie worked with Queens Park Rangers football club in his early twenties and worked with Olympic athletes, aiding the likes of Jeremy West to achieve Gold at the Olympics. Other notable athletes are the Japanese Ice Dance Champions, Mau-Tai Kickboxing Champion - Rebecca Donnelly.

Many Body- Builders frequent the practice for specialist help and advice.


Barrie treats on a regular basis members of the top London Classical Orchestras

 Registered with the General Osteopathic Council 


Nancy Gardner

Massage therapist / Practice manager

Nancy has been trained by and worked with Barrie over the last 28 years, bringing caring and understanding that can only be achieved by many years of devotion to the needs of others.