"Your pain is our concern"

Through listening to You and Examining Your condition we diagnose, treat and explain to You the processes necessary to restore function to your body and thereby prevent further injury.



Over 30 years' experience of treating soft tissue injuries and ailments has given Barrie and his staff unique skill and ability to diagnose and treat muscle, tendon, ligament and fascia disfunction.

Your body works together, its mechanical components dependant upon one another.

Alignment of bones is an essential skill of the osteopath, manipulations done with expert skill and minimum force necessary to accomplish freedom of movement. Muscles need to be relaxed to perform safe manipulation. We believe massage is an absolute necessity for ease of manipulation and to maintain freedom of movement and healthy tissues.


You are an individual. We treat YOU, not a condition. This means that your indivdual circumstances and needs are attended to, the demands on many of the professionals we treat needing exacting diagnosis and understanding. The professional level of many of our patients is that they are the best at what they do and need to be able to maintain excellent mechanical function to perform at the level they have achieved, for years to come. Whatever your needs are we will gain a unique picture of you and help you achieve your personal goals.



Osteopaths help restore mobility, improve body mechanics and reduce inflammation by a number of methods ranging from massage of soft tissues to manipulation and mobilisation of joints, this helps to reduce pain, muscle spasm and increase mobility helping to create a healthier anatomical environment in which damaged tissue can heal.

The skilled techniques of osteopathy can allow you to make a speedy recovery to normal activity.

Treatment is aimed to relieve pain & discomfort and enable restoration to normal function. An osteopath will look at how your whole body functions and so be able to reduce strain on the painful area caused by mechanical problems.

There are times when it is wise for you to take medications as well as receiving osteopathic treatment because of this osteopaths frequently work in close co-operation with your doctor.


  •     osteopaths are skilled health care professionals.

  •     osteopaths treat six million people every year suffering from pain

  •     osteopaths can help you both with treatment and advice on self help

  •     osteopaths treat acute and chronic pain 

  •     osteopaths treat to prevent pain recurring