Barrie Gardner has been indispensable in improving my overall physical health, being the only person who understood the cause of a serious lower back injury (which an MRI scan could not detect). 
With insightful guidance and positive reinforcement, he gave me the tools to learn to correct and restore my body's natural well-being.
Indebted Cellist, Jennifer Morsches

 "Barrie is an exceptional Osteopath.  I had a serious back/pelvis sporting  injury sustained 25 years ago and I was lucky to be recommended to Barrie at the time (the hospital was useless).  He has treated me as and when necessary ever since and has managed to keep me mobile and playing sport.  I have recommended family and friends over the years and Barrie has never disappointed." 


David Miles, senior Business Coach

Harvard University

"Barrie is an excellent osteopath, someone I have recommended on several occasions. I have entrusted him with my personal welfare and will continue to do so without hesitation. He goes the extra mile in providing service and helping his clients to improve their lives, offering added useful advice and tips about lifestyle choices that can make a big difference."
Sue Feehan, Script writer, Owner Caterpillar Films